About Us

How it all began…….went to Ohio to visit some family for the weekend, my uncle said “hey lets play some cornhole”, my first reaction was What in the world is Cornhole!!! So we started playing on his homemade Bengals set, after about 2 games i was hooked. We played all weekend long.So when I got back home, my friend and I decided to make a set.

I swear I wish I still had that set because it was the worst thing I have ever put together. I mean particle board for the tops, threw on some paint, used a jigsaw for the hole( which was by no means a circle) and actually spray painted some Michigan M’s on them. They were terrible but we still had fun with them.

Then I unfortunately got laid-off from work and introduced my neighbors to Cornhole and then everyone got Hooked on the game. We just about played every other day rain or shine. One day a neighbor and I started talking about making boards to make some extra cash, made a few sets here and there for friends and family and from word of mouth we got orders coming in like crazy…..SO MUTHA SHUCKERS WAS BORN!!!!

Been building sets for a few years now and going strong. I just want to thank everyone from friends, family and other builders for your support!!